TV One Series Casting in D.C.

Casting Directors are seeking actors to play speaking roles in a series filming next week. This is a paid opportunity to be featured in a show filming in Washington D.C.

“For My Man” is a true crime series that features the salacious and shocking stories of women who have been arrested for a crime they did in the name of love. From a killing spree across the mid-west to being an inside informant at the DEA and from murdering an unsupportive mother to robbing fifteen banks in under a year, these women have no limits as to how far they’ll go for their men.

Casting Details

Dates: February 6th – 9th

Where: Washington D.C.

Further details of this casting are below. To attend a Nine9 Open Call and learn more about the UnAgency including how to receive additional castings, complete the Nine9 Talent Application.

Nine9 Talent Application

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

Shoot date(s): 2/6 thru 2/9

Call Time: TBD

Shoot Location: Exact Location TBD (MD, DC, VA AREA)

Role (s):

• Ciera-(Lead Perp) African American Female (20’s) brown skin complexion, short to medium hair, round face, wide nose, full lips, brown eyes, average height and weight.

• Anthony-(Lead Perp) African American Male(20’s) light skin complexion, oval shape face, brow eyes, beard with mustache, short cut, pointy ears, tattoos on neck a plus, average height and weight.

• Timothy-(Lead Perp) African American Male(18-20’s) dark skin complexion, mustache, brown eyes, full lips, short hair, average height and weight.

• Delshawn-(Supporting Victim) African American Male (30’s) brown skin complexion, short cut, slim build, goatee, shadow of a mustache, square chin, average height.

• Pete Ciara’s other boyfriend (Featured)-African American Male (20’s) Non- Descriptive

• Delshawn’s Mother-African American Female (60’s) Non- Descriptive


• Krystal-(Lead Perp) Caucasian Female (20’s), blonde hair with brown roots shoulder length, brown eyes, approximately 5’9″ and average weight.

• Draymond-(Lead Perp) African American Male (30’s), buzz cut, brown eyes, square face, stocky build, average height and weight.

• Jennifer (Victim) Caucasian Female(18-20’s) slim build, brunette shoulder length, approximately 5’2”

• Jennifer Friend (Featured Extra) Caucasian Female(18-20s)

• Krystal’s friend (Featured Extra) Caucasian Female(18-20’s) Non Descriptive

• Krystals first Pimp (Victim) 30’s

• Krystal’s adoptive parent’s -Caucasians 50’s

To apply for the above roles in the Tv Series “For My Man Season 4” send an email to: with the following information:

1. Put the role you are applying for in the subject line.
2. Include current age, height, weight, sizes, phone number & current location and email in the body of the email. Confirm your availability.
3. Include Acting Resume as a PDF not WORD Document. Include Reel with monologue if you have it.
4. Send 3-5 non professional photos of yourself in everyday clothes, one should be a full length head to toe, current selfie, headshot shoulder up, full length head to toe.
5. Rename your photos before sending. First, Last and phone number
6. Please note if you have tattoos and if so where they are located.
7. If your submission is incomplete it will not be considered.

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