Ray Romano’s New Show Casting Stand-ins

Casting directors need four male stand-ins to work on the new TV series, Get Shorty starring Ray Romano. They need guys with dark hair and light complexion for camera testing and stand-in work throughout the TV series.


Get Shorty is a new show that will premier on FX in 2017.  It is about a former Nevada criminal that decides to leave that life behind and produce movies in Hollywood.  He aims to produce movies that tell about his life as a criminal, but finds it difficult when past enemies come to Los Angeles to stop him.  Romano plays the main character’s best friend.

Romano is known for his role in the sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond.  He has appeared in several different TV shows and movies as a voice actor, actor, and producer.

Stand-ins must fit the following requirements:


Height: 6’1 – 6’3

Hair Color: Dark

Complexion: Light

This is a great opportunity to work with Ray Romano and producers on FX.  You will meet several people that have been around the movie industry for a while.  As a stand-in, your role is pretty vital to production, so make sure you follow directions.  You want to pay close attention to directors because along with getting paid you might learn alot!

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