Open Call for “Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets”

Casting Directors are looking for talent to fill several roles and work on scenes in a feature film set to shoot next Monday.

This upcoming production will be based on a novel with the same name. The novel, written by Evan Roskos, centers around James. Throughout the course of the story, James tries to discover the cause of his sister being kicked out of the house but doesn’t find any answers from his parents or Jorie while the principal and teachers often give him conflicting stories.

Casting Details

Dates: April 16th

Where: Palmetto, Georgia

Further details of this casting are below. To attend a Nine9 Open Call and learn more about the UnAgency including how to receive additional castings, complete the Nine9 Talent Application.

Nine9 Talent Application

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

As he discovers the difficulties his sister endured, he learns a little more about himself and is able to see things in a much clearer light.

Date: Monday, April 16th
Location: Palmetto, GA
Rate: $94/10 hours

Central Casting is looking for talent 18 Years or older than can play high school students:

– Males:
– Height: 5’5″ To 5’10”
– Waist: 30 To 36
– Must Be Clean Shaven (No Facial Hair)
– Females:
– Height: 5’0″ To 5’6″
– Dress Size: 0 To 6
– No Unnatural Hair Color (Ie. Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Etc.)
– No Visible Tattoos, Facial Piercings, Or Plugs!

Subject line: 6Day Student

Central Casting is currently also casting males that appear to be in their 20’s to early 40’s to portray paintball players.

If this is you, please email your legal name, contact phone number and photo of gear and camo attire to

Subject line: Paintball

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