Commercial for Kmart Casting Actors and Models

Casting directors need models and actors for a commercial set to film in Chicago next week.  They are casting for featured roles, extras, and background models.  As an actor, you will be filmed inside a local Kmart store pushing a shopping cart with your son or daughter.  The purpose of the commercial is to show the sense of family, community, and nurture.


Kmart is a major grocery and “big box” chain located all over the world.  Its headquarters are located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  Its original headquarters was located in Troy, Michigan, but they moved when Kmart purchased SEARS and formed a new corporation.  It was founded in 1899 in Garden City, Michigan.


Actor 5 – 7 years old will play the son or daughter walking with their mother (acting mother).

Actor 30 – 45 to play a mother walking their son or daughter through the store searching for various items on their list


Extras: Models that are very pretty as background extras

Other extras: Actors walking through the store and store clerks and cashiers.

Location: River Forest, Illinois

Pay rate: $85/8

This is a great opportunity to work for a well-known and respected company.  It has locations all around the United States and Canada.  It is a great portfolio builder for you to say you were apart of this type of commercial.  This is also a featured and paid role.  If casting directors see that you have multiple featured roles on your resume then they will not look elsewhere when applying for you next role!

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